Som många känner till är Kuba framstående inom hälsovård och världsledande på behandling av flera sjukdomar. Det gäller exempelvis vissa pigmentförändringar, vissa cancerformer, diabetes och undvikande av amputationer vid diabetes med mera. Många latinamerikaner utnyttjar den kubanska hälsovården och reser dit för att få hjälp. För kubaner är all hälsovård gratis, medan utlänningar betalar (och pengarna går tillbaka till hälsovården).

Servimed Cuba

Medical tourism and medical travel, Servimed Cuba has become a global leader with a network of medical specialist and health centers ensuring that clients receive the best care through the most advanced medical treatments, technical equipment and tranquil recuperation resorts.

Cuba is a leading destination, not only for business and leisure, but also for world-class, affordable and safe healthcare. Servimed Cuba offer services typically sought by travelers including elective procedures as well as complex specialized surgeries.

Cuba’s well-trained and experienced medical staff work to deliver the best healthcare experience and treatment for every international patient, providing them and their families peace of mind when health really matters.

For further information, visit the Servimed Cuba website at www.servimedcuba.com  


Services Santé International (Servimed) Inc.

Une solution de santé rapide et efficace !

Tel : 418-407-1025   Sans frais: 1-877-774-2822


Since we are constantly on the phone helping clients worldwide, the most efficient way to proceed is for us to contact you at your convenience to answer your questions.

We will contact you either by email and/or by phone.

In order to assist you efficiently, please, provide us the following information:

  • Your phone numbers and your place of residence to consider your time zone.
  • The best moment to call you.
  • Your specific need for Cuban healthcare. What services are you looking for?
  • Your questions.

Finally, you can also find references on our website at: http://www.healthservicecuba.com/. Presented are several testimonials of our clients who experienced all the process for different kinds of services, information about Cuban physicians and our staff and some tips to finance your project.

Dr. Jorge Alberto Miranda presidente@smcsalud.cu 

Dra. Iliana Reyes ventas.sma@smcsalud.cu


Klinik där utlänningar kan behandlas i Havanna:

Cira Garcia ClinicCalle 20 No. 4101 esq. Ave 41 Playa
Ciudad de La Habana

Email:faculta@cirag.cu Phone:44 05372 042 811 Fax: 53 07204 26 40

 Centro Internacional de Restauracion Neurologica



Instituto de Hematologia e Immunologia, IHI, Havanna

Dra Olga M. Agramonte Llanes, especialista en hematologia


5 391 8510