The US Declaration of Independence

All men are created equal… They are endowed…with certain unalienable Rights… Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…. It is the Right of the People … to institute new Government … on such principles and organizing its powers in such form… to effect their Safety and Happiness.
With these glorious words, the USA was founded 243 years ago. And the world’s most powerful nation was built on the massacre of the native peoples, centuries of slave trade and plundering of other countries. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the USA assumed the right to militarily attack potential threats to their supremacy claiming “One planet, one superpower” leaving destroyed countries behind. The US history of crimes against the peoples of the third world makes it the main violator of human rights and international law and has destroyed country after country.
• A weakened empire, in aggressive offensive in Latin America and the Middle East.
Around the millennium the US supremacy were weakened economically and morally by the wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the support for Israel’s genocidal policies and by neoliberalism’s financial crisis. With Obama followed by a new offensive of “soft coups” against the independence of Latin America and the Caribbean in their one community CELAC Trump followed up, even more aggressively
• The poor pay for the financial crisis and suffer the climate change
Through the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO, the economic exploitation threatens the right of poor countries to control their own natural resources, develop agriculture and industry on their own terms, now also including Greece. And now both peoples and nature threatened by the –so called Free Trade Agreements, leading to ecological destruction, deep economic disparities, widespread hunger and desperation. The ramifications of the climate change are laid on the shoulders of the poor, including low-income countries in Europe.
• Aiming for world power with “Full spectrum control”
Retiring their regular troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, USA is maintaining the control with expanded bases and security contractors. Extrajudicial drone-killings by the USA is routine, ordered by the assassin in chief. 2012 the US and European former colonial powers initiated the 3rd war against the Arab world, leaving Libya in total chaos and social destruction, and then the same in Syria, fostering armed rebellion and civil war with islamic terrorist forces breaking up the states of the whole region. The US-support for the Saudi Arabian led genocide in Yemen is the latest horror. Against the overwhelming majority of the UN members and the world population the USA are systematically debilitating the UN basic principle of creating peace and respect for the sovereignty of all nations.
• More than 1 000 US military bases, encirclement of Russia and China
US/NATO’s main military goal is to secure access to the world’s energy resources. Together with over 1.000 military bases all over the globe the US strengthen their military superiority by expanding their missile bases in Europe up to the Russian border and militarization of outer space. The US is rapidly closing the encirclement of Russia, China and the Eurasian region, strengthening the military bonds with South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Australia in East Asia and in Central Asia with Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldavia but also with the “neutral” nations of Finland and Sweden. The US is also expanding military bases all over Africa including Libya where the US aim to re-establish the base there, which they were evicted from in 1969.
• Military bases and covert destabilization in Latin America
In America, the US has reinstated the Fourth Fleet to patrol the Caribbean and South America. New bases in Colombia and disguised bases in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay and US intervention in Venezuela to control the whole “backyard”. Military bases are encircling Amazonas and its reserves of oxygen and fresh water. Multimillion efforts aim to overthrow independent governments and especially all ALBA-countries. But USA is failing to recapture their control over Latin America and the Caribbean, now united in an organization of their own.
• Fight for justice, freedom and bread!
The US Declaration of Independence was a milestone on the road to the UN ́s Universal Declaration of Human Rights in defense of the exploited of the world, of nations’ right to control their natural resources, of a just economic world order, freedom and democracy. We therefore celebrate the 4th of July as a day of freedom, directed against the US global violations of human rights and international law.